Home cleaning Ideas for Parents of Young Children

There is a saying: you can lead a kid to chores, but you can’t make that kid do them. Ok, maybe that’s not quite the saying, but it still holds true. Kids hate chores as much as everyone else, but no one can be more stubborn in refusing to do them. With that in mind, we offer some tips to help your kids get into the idea of chores.

Use Tag Teams for Doors and Windows

If you have more than one child, there is no better way to get them to do something then to have them tag team it. Take your sliding glass door for example. Have one kid spray it down and the other do the wiping. If you have only one child, give them all the “fun parts,” and pick up the slack. Get them involved without pushing them, especially if they are young.

Teach Technique by Cleaning Toys

Sit in the living room with a bucket and a cloth and start polishing toys. Your kids will become curious naturally and will want to get involved. Let them pick out their favorite toys, teach them how to wet the cloth and gently wipe away the dirt. Once you’re finished, have a playdate!

Final Thoughts

Kids want to get involved with things, and they want to hang around with you when they are young. Look for methods to make cleaning something of a game and you’ll have more success getting kids to clean around the house. Don’t forget to schedule chores either. This injects just a hint of discipline into the activity.


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