Door Safety Tips

You might be thinking to yourself, there is no way that my front door is a dangerous object. You’d be wrong. There are a variety of accidents, both small and larger, which can happen if you are inattentive with your doors. Here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Identify Visitors

Before you open your front door to a visitor, make visual contact with the caller and identify them. There are stories floating around about criminals who start out a conversation as a solicitor, but then quickly take advantage of an open door and breach the home. Storm windows can help in this regard, because you can let the breeze in and maintain sight of the area in front of your home. Some security groups recommend installing an intercom and camera system, so you can communicate with someone safely before ever touching the door knob.

Replace Old Equipment

Garage doors are usually opened every day, so it’s important to replace the equipment on the door so that it remains functional. Failure to replace the springs, for instance, can cause the door to collapse as it opens. Keep your fingers and limbs away from the door frame as the door closes, and be sure to replace cracked wood to avoid unintentional drafts in the home.

Other Accidents

Accidents can occur frequently in the workplace when employees open heavy doors too quickly. There are rarely warning signs to indicate which way a door swings, and it’s possible workers may be carrying something heavy and are unable to carefully open the door. Posting warning signs will help in some respects, and raise awareness around the office. There are also fire doors, which are typically mandated by building codes, that should be able to lock down in the event of a fire and open as needed.

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