Diagnosing Autism through telemedicine

Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

If you are concerned that your child is autistic but are hesitant to visit a doctor due to the pandemic, telemedicine can help by diagnosing autism via online consultations.

To select a doctor for an online consultation, a doctor must be licensed in the state you reside. However, some doctors may require an initial visit before telemedicine can begin. Before selecting a doctor, check if they are comfortable with using telemedicine for an initial autism diagnosis.

Additionally, ask the doctor how telemedicine consultations are charged. In most instances, telemedicine consultations should cost less than in-person visits. It is best to check with your health insurance company to confirm that telemedicine consultations are covered by your policy.

Children who are autistic will show no signs of speech, eye contact, or smiling. Most autistic children will not use words by the time they are two years old. Other signs include the need to be alone and intense reactions to sights and sounds. Inform your doctor of the symptoms your child is exhibiting at home.

To diagnose a child online, a doctor will consider a child’s development milestones and conduct a developmental screening followed by an evaluation. Treatment for autistic children involves physical therapy, play therapy, and behavioral therapy. To see changes in a child’s behavior, therapy sessions must be consistent. Therapy will help autistic children learn skills that they can use in common situations.

Sessions should be done in a quiet space, where a child can relax and get the most from their treatment. As a parent, educating oneself about autism is the best way to help an autistic child to function confidently in society.

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