What is assisted living and how is it different from memory care?

Blog provided by Care Senior Placement 

Arranging elderly care can feel tricky at first for any senior or family member. It’s important to know the differences between each form of elderly care and senior housing so you can choose the right type of care for yourself or your loved ones. Assisted living and memory care facilities are two popular types of care that cater to different needs.

Assisted living is targeted towards seniors who wish to retain their independence while receiving care for their health and physical needs. In assisted living, seniors live in apartment-style spaces while staff members are available to assist with hygiene, medication, and health emergencies. Meanwhile, residents are free to attend social activities and recreational events during the day, which ensures that their schedules are never lonely or boring.

Not all seniors are well suited to living at assisted living facilities. Seniors with major health issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia may need to live in specialized care centers known as memory care facilities. Memory care facilities are specifically designed for residents with memory issues. They are secured to prevent unsafe wandering and residents may be given tracking devices so they can roam while the staff keeps track of their location. Residents will also participate in therapeutic activities that help them manage the difficulties of their condition.

There are also other elderly care options such as elderly care and nursing homes. Be sure to do your research to make sure you choose the right one.

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