What can African mango do for your body?

Guest post is provided by the courtesy of the makers of Cellan. A key ingredient, African mango, has been identified as a fat burner and aiding to control appetite. That’s why African mango extract is contained in Cellan Diet Pills.

The television hit series, Dr. Oz, first aired information about African mango, supplements and extracts containing African mango in September 2010. In May 2011, they added a blog on its Web site on African mango. Native to the West African region, the edible fruit has been used in cooking as a thickener. Supplements containing African mango are used to burn fat, suppress appetite, produce more body energy, and boost metabolism. This is the main reason why Cellan contains dried and powdered African mango seeds and it can give your body all these benefits that comes with African mango.

Research indicates that African mango helps to burn fat without losing much needed water and muscle mass. Recent research also finds that African mango to contain leptin, an ingredient closely associated with suppressing appetite. Appetite suppression leads to weight loss and bring numerous other benefits to your body. Most of all, African mango’s ability to boost metabolism is key to weight loss as well as increased body energy.