Leptin, a key ingredient to control appetite and lose weight

Guest post is provided by the courtesy of the makers of Cellan Diet Pills. Leptin, a key ingredient in controlling appetite, is contained in abundance in Cellan and it can lead to weight loss.

Leptin or leptos in Greek language gives the meaning of “thin.” Leptin has been the focus of many studies that relate to weight loss. Leptin is a hormone that is derived from fat cells and results in controlling appetite and therefore, plays a major role in losing body weight. A lower level of leptin is associated with thin people. Leptin helps to send signals to the brain to indicate that you are full and to stop eating, and to control appetite promoting ghrelin hormone that lead to weight gain. Recent research finds leptin contained in African mango, green tea extract, certain Vitamins including C and B, and various berries. That’s why Cellan Pills contains inner parts of powdered and dried African mango, 100 percent green tea extract, Vitamin C and B3, and an exclusive berry blend.

Leptin plays a major role in balancing body energy and controlling ghrelin. Researchers also find that leptin do not respond well in obese people and that explains why they are having a hard time controlling appetite.