Solutions For Sweating Hands

People who suffer from excessive sweating of the hands (palmer hyperhidrosis) are adversely affected socially and mentally by this disease. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for extreme cases.

Surgery called ETS can solve the problem of sweating hands, but there is a negative side effect that causes excessive sweating on the torso and back; consequently, this approach is not recommended.

Palmer hyperhidrosis is not the same for everyone—some cases are mild. A cream called Drysol is effective for people with the mild form of sweating hands. This can relieve excess perspiration for up to three hours.

Another treatment that has proved effective for PH is having a Botox injection in your sweat glands. This causes some bruising, but it disappears in two to three days and there are no other unfavorable side effects.

The problem with drugs and creams that have been tried—for severe cases—is way too many negative side effects.

Many people think this is not a disease, but an affliction caused by anxiety in certain social situations. That is not the case. It is a disease that is often genetic.

Powders and creams will temporarily solve the social embarrassment for people who have the mild type of palmer hyperhidrosis. For those who are more seriously afflicted, the best way to avoid being uncomfortable is to let your friends know that you have this problem. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast the word will spread among social acquaintances and the ritual of shaking hands at parties will be eliminated.