A Contract With Yourself

Whether you have set aside the time and money to attend an adult weight loss camp for a few weeks or you’re simply looking to make some lifestyle changes on your own to get in shape, making the decision to lose weight is only the first step, albeit an important one. While many people start on this road with high hopes and the best of intentions, the long and difficult trek might prove to be more of a challenge than they expected. Fitness vacations only last so long and some old habits are harder to break than others. That initial drive can waver and not everyone has the money to hire a personal trainer to get on their case each and every day.

After you’ve finished with weight loss summer camps and fitness classes, what can you do to make sure that you don’t fall back into your old lifestyle? As silly as it may sound, putting down your goals on paper can really help. Think of it as making a contract with yourself. It can give you a sense of accountability, especially if you post the contract in a place where family and friends can see it. Include elements of your plan such as your exercise schedule, dietary allowances, and your sleep schedule (sleep is essential to one’s health and well being, after all).