Planning an Intervention

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If you have a friend or family member with a drug or alcohol addiction, convincing them to enter a rehab center can be challenging. Drug and alcohol abusers not only deny they have an addiction, but will do just about anything to avoid going to drug rehab. This is why the best route to helping a loved one with an addiction is to hire a professional interventionist.

A professional interventionist offers the experience and expertise to help convince your family member or friend that he or she has an addiction and requires rehabilitation. An intervention — organized and led by the interventionist — is a planned meeting with family, friends and other close, respected individuals designed to confront someone about their addiction and convince them to enter a drug or alcohol treatment center.

Studies have revealed a large success rate in interventions as a means for alcoholics and addicts to agree to treatment. Although it can be a scary time filled with mixed emotions, a well-planned intervention is typically a positive experience. Interventions are designed to be motivational and inspirational and should be immediately followed by a trip to the drug and alcohol rehab center.  Information about planning an intervention with a professional interventionist is available through numerous resources.