Natural Ways to Reduce Snoring

It’s been estimated that four out of every 10 men and three out of every 10 women are snorers. Though people aren’t always aware of the problem, those who know that they snore are always searching for snoring relief. In recent years, a number of devices and treatments geared toward snoring prevention have reached the over-the-counter market. But before you turn to these, there are a few things you can do naturally to reduce or prevent snoring.

  • Lose weight. A neck size in excess of 16” to 17” puts you at risk for snoring because you have more difficulty breathing.
  • Avoid alcohol just before bedtime. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in your airway, which creates a narrower space through which air can travel. If you have a habit of taking a nightcap, try eliminating the drink before you try snoring devices.
  • Quit smoking. Smokers are twice as likely to snore as non-smokers. Smoke is thought to inflame the mucous membranes that line our airways, making them swollen and creating a narrower channel through which air can pass when breathing.
  • Blow your nose before bedtime to remove mucous that can inhibit breathing.
  • Raise your head and sleep on your side. This reduces the pressure on your breathing passages, giving you the best amount of airflow possible.