Big Time benefits to Relocating Your Family to Richmond

Richmond has six Fortune 500 companies within its boundaries, making it a good place to go if you want a decent job. The city is an often overlooked treasure for the Eastern United States, with lots of culture and some of the best kept roads in the United States.


If you’re considering relocating to Richmond, there are a few general concepts to keep in mind. First, hire a real estate agent in Virginia, as opposed to a trusted name closer to your current location. Agents based at the location understand the area, and can recommend a good area to settle that fits your price range. Next, don’t consider moving until you have a decent financial cushion. That includes money in your pocket after the down payment on a home.

There are big benefits to moving to the city that go beyond employment opportunities.

Rich Culture and History

Richmond is a lively place, with festivals all year long. The Richmond Jazz Festival is one of the most well-known events, but events in the park or the river are festive too. The new Dragon Boat Festival, designed as a tribute to the same kind of festival in China, is an excellent way to see the James River.

Richmond also has colonial era architecture alive in well. On some of the main boulevards that run through the city.

Cost of Living

It’s possible to find homes for sale in Virginia for under $250,000, but it depends on what you want out of your house. The cost of ownership raises or lowers depending on the school district, but you have plenty of options to make that transition a bit easier on you and your family. For example, choosing a lower priced home and using the savings to send children to private school. Public schooling is worth the cost if you can afford a nicer area.

For those moving from either east or west coast properties, you’ll find home values to be a huge value. Most of the rest of the country will find that Richmond offers homes in the median for America.

Commute Times

Locations in Richmond are about 30 minutes from basically everything. Roads are open, so traffic is never an issue, and there is plenty of space to bike ride if you so choose. The city is designed as a loop, bisected by Interstate freeways 95 (which runs north to south) and 64 (which runs east to west). Once you understand the layout, travelling is easy as pie.
Relocate to Richmond with The Steele Group Sotheby’s and you can live in one of the United States’ most culturally rich cities. You can find Richmond homes for sale that fit almost any price range.