What Makes Asian Massages Special

Learn what makes Asian massage the best choice for your next massage.Getting an Asian massage is not like any other massage. American, or Western, massage techniques are far behind what the Chinese and Japanese have done. In Japan, for instance, it’s quite common for a salaryman to get a massage after a stressful day, before an important meeting, or just to relax at the end of his week. This tradition goes back to 4,000 B.C.E., where Chinese massage therapists discovered how to manipulate pressure points in the body to promote healthier energy flow.

An Asian massage has a very specific purpose: to remove or relieve stress through the release of toxins stored up in the body. Philosophies behind Asian massage tend to teach the idea that the body accumulates what is best described as “gunk” in its system. These toxins come from stress in our everyday lives, and we have some techniques (such as exercise) which can be effective at treating the problem.

Still, a sensual massage in New York allows a trained therapist to work closely on those pressure points and provide relief. Whether you opt for a deep tissue massage, or acupressure therapy, you’re bound to feel relaxed.

The most popular kind of massage is Shiatzu, which uses the hands to apply firm pressure for long periods of time. You can literally feel your body relax as the masseuse releases. That relief will last for weeks, especially if you go for massages on a regular basis. Therapy can improve back problems, relieve stress and tension and improve sleeping habits.