No Breakfast Before Workout Helps to Burn More Fat

The current advice is not to work out on an empty stomach. However, some scientists suggest that skipping snacks before working out will help burn more fat, faster.

Some studies recommend exercising on an empty stomach, stating that a body which is not full of food is a better way to lose the extra fat. A recent paper published by European researchers’ states that cyclists burned more without consuming any food prior to their training session.
Elaborating on the subject, Peter Hespel who is a professor of exercise philosophy at Belgium’s University of Leuven said that exercising on an empty stomach means the level of insulin in the body is low and so is the level of adrenalin. Not eating before working out means your body does not have any carbs tucked away in a reserve. This immediately forces your body to burn fat. He also confirmed the findings of the study carried out by the European researchers.

Another study, carried out by researchers from the University of Birmingham and published in April involved 7 persons cycling thrice a week, which was followed up by an intense workout for another hour. This was all done on an empty stomach. On the sidelines, another group of 7 worked on the same routine, except they ate prior to their workout.

The results showed that the members who did not snack before, performed quite badly during the training session, but did burn more fat when compared to the group that did eat.

Not everyone agrees with the findings though. Dr. A. C. Colvin, Mount Sinai Hospital’s sports medicine expert said that not eating prior to a workout session was a bad idea. She pointed out concerns that people might injure themselves in a bid to lose their fat faster.

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