Marijuana Activists Fight for Moms’ Support

There’s no denying that drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem in the United States today. While there are strides being made in public awareness and treatment methods, there are still far too many people who find that they need to go to alcohol or drug rehab each year. And yet, it’s in this environment that the debate about legalizing marijuana is taking place. There are strong arguments on both sides of the platform, with valid concerns coming forth about how beneficial legalizing marijuana could be for the struggling economy and how wider availability could lead to an increase in the need for drug treatment. Pro- marijuana activists are currently trying to reach out to a group that, if enlisted, could add significant weight to their cause Who makes up this group Mothers.

Moms across the country have had significant influence on national policy regarding addictive substances in the past. After all, what parent wants to see their child suffering the ravages of alcohol or drug addiction? Mothers were one of the major voices in the nation that lead to the passing of Alcohol Prohibition — and later, the repeal of the act. They were also responsible for the tougher laws regarding drunk driving that are now on the books. It would seem that enlisting the help of these mothers for legalizing marijuana would be a hard sell. However, activists argue that pot is less of a danger to kids across the nation than alcohol or prescription drug abuse is.

The activist website for the group Moms4Marijuana has received thousands of hits. Some of the arguments that the group and other activists posit are that alcohol is worse than pot, pot can ease postpartum depression, and teenagers shouldn’t face time in jail for experimenting with marijuana.

It will likely be a while yet before the battle over marijuana is decided. However, it is a good possibility that moms across the nation will have a say in which way the nation goes. Hopefully, whatever the outcome, it won’t result in more drug rehab facility visits for our country’s precious youth.