Los Angeles to Close Hundreds of Marijuana Vendors

The California Proposition 215 (also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996) was passed as a result of casting a ballot that was either in favor of the medical use of marijuana. Since the passing of this proposition, almost 1000 medical marijuana outlets have opened their doors to the people.
However, on January 26, 2010, the Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance that decided to close almost 80% of these dispensaries based on 9-3 vote in favor of the motion. Even though about 187 of these dispensaries are still open, the number will be further reduced to about 70 dispensaries over time.

Not only has this stirred strong feelings amongst business owners but also people who take marijuana by prescription to such an extent that they intend to press charges against this ruling, while also intending to raise this issue in a referendum.

Most of these dispensaries have been opened over the last 14 years due to legal loopholes found in the sale and distribution of marijuana, and now with the passing of this law, not only will most of these dispensaries close down but a new set of restrictions on the sale of marijuana will be enforced as soon as the law is signed by the mayor shortly. One new rule requires that these dispensaries be at least 300 meters from school, public parks and libraries while adhering to a closing time of 8:00 PM.

This ruling follows the decision by California Governor to debate on whether the possibility of taxing marijuana to help the ailing financial condition of California that has been hit by the recession.

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